Welcome to our new Online Store! 

Welcome to Dominelli Music's online store—where you will find registration for private and group lesson, as well a place to order your lesson books and check out the instruments we can order for you.  This September we have new group lessons available, one is Ukulele for ages 5 through to 10 as well as a group guitar lesson for adults.  

If you are interested in joining our Project Vibe program Artists of all ages, genres and levels of ability have figured out the trick to being successful in the music industry - focus, commitment to their craft, and a support system of musicians and industry professionals. Project Vibe is here to help guide you through developing these tools, and your confidence as an artist through our intensive program. Led by Juno nominated artist, Sandro Dominelli, Project Vibe is a dynamic system of artist support and creation, intended to foster the unique needs and desires of the musician as they shape their sound, image, and future in music.  

If you experience any problems, please contact us directly on 780-488-8515 or email info@dominellimusic.com.



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